Smoking barrels began when six friends from another club decided we wanted a club which was run a bit more seriously and was more cautious about who we would call a brother. We got together and formed Smoking Barrels which is a side patch Motorcycle club from Robin Hood County (Nottinghamshire), based in Sutton in Ashfield. There are only 2 founding members out of the original six left in the club now, but we have taken on more brothers along the way. In 2015 a club called Damaged MCC saw fit to patch over to us so they stripped off their patch and now wear ours. It takes a lot of time and commitment to earn the patch and to do so is a lifestyle not a hobby
We decided we wanted our club logo to be something associated with where we are from so we decided to call our skull with six shooters the “Owd Lad” and here’s why:                                                                      In bygone days Nottinghamshire folk using the road would like to get home before dark as they might encounter the “Owd Lad”, the Devil himself in his Black coach and four. One old carrier is said to have seen it drive past him “all on fire like brimstone, pulled by four skeleton horses”. Another legend has it that on moonlit nights a coach and six, driven by a headless coachman, conveying a headless richly dressed nobleman is seen rattling down the road at a furious pace. The coach, horses and headless phantoms then vanish as suddenly as they appeared.

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